Westbury Office
865 Merrick Avenue
Suite 100 S
Westbury, NY 11590
(516) 488-6100
Albany Office
155 Washington Avenue
Suite 207
Albany, NY 12210
(518) 465-8085
Committee for Physicians' Health Office
155 Washington Avenue
Suite 209
Albany, NY 12210
(518) 436-4723   (800) 338-1833

Executive Office

Photo of Thomas Lee
Thomas T. Lee
Executive Vice President
Photo of Robyn Cangemi
Robyn Cangemi
Administrative Assistant

Committee for Physician Health

Photo of Terrance Bedient
Terrance M. Bedient
VP - Committee for Physicians Health
Photo of Karen Clancy
Karen Clancy
Assistant Director
Photo of Monica Cook
Monica Cook
Administrative Assistant
Photo of Vanessa Griesmer
Vanessa Griesmer
Clinical Case Manager
Photo of Dinah Hicks
Dinah Hicks
Clinical Case Manager
Photo of Susan Hill
Susan Hill
Assistant Director
Photo of Antoinette Maki
Ms. Antoinette Maki
Administrative Assistant
Photo of Jeffrey Selzer
Jeffrey Alan Selzer
Medical Director
5164886100 x424
Photo of Grace Smythe-Young
Grace Smythe-Young
Clinical Case Manager


Photo of Julie Vecchione
Julie Vecchione
Vice President - Communications
Photo of Matt Brown
Matt Brown
Digital Marketing Project Specialist
5164886100 x411
Photo of Roseann Raia
Roseann Raia

Finance & Administration

Photo of John Vecchio
John Vecchio
5164886100 x327
Photo of Jeannette Caban
Jeannette Caban
Accounts Payable/Procurement Specialist
5164886100 x328
Photo of Robert Hogan
Robert Hogan
Mail Clerk
Photo of Cynthia Telese
Cynthia Telese
Payroll Coordinator

Governmental Affairs, MSSNYPAC and Public Health & Education

Photo of Morris Auster
Morris Auster Esq.
Senior Vice President Legislative & Regulatory Affairs/ Chief Legislative Counsel
Photo of Patricia Clancy
Patricia F. Clancy
Sr. Vice President for Public Health & Education and Managing Director - Governmental Affairs
Photo of Jennifer Wilks
Jennifer J Wilks
Political and Grassroots Action Coordinator
Photo of Zina Cary
Zina D. Cary
Vice President - Legislative Affairs
Photo of Britney Blake
Britney Blake
Administrative Assistant
Photo of Melissa Hoffman
Melissa Hoffman
Assistant Director of Public Health
Photo of Nicholas Hospodar
Nicholas Hospodar
Program Coordinator-Veterans Mental Health Training Initiative
Photo of Brian Land
Brian M. Land
Administrative Assistant
Photo of Emily Rento
Emily Rento
Public Health Associate
5184658085 x321

Human Resources & Support Services

Photo of Caroline Hunt
Caroline Hunt
Director - Human Resources

Information Services

Photo of Daniella Nunez
Daniella Nunez
Administrative Clerk
Photo of Frances Nunez
Frances Nunez
Director of Database and IT Management/Information Services
5164886100 x367
Photo of Lynette Green
Lynette Green
Billing and Collections Representative
5164886100 x365

Meetings Management

Photo of Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes
Director of Meeting Services
5164886100 x368


Photo of Valerie Cammiso
Ms. Valerie J Cammiso
5164886100 x389
Photo of Ruzanna Arsenian
Ruzanna Arsenian
Membership Services Representative
5164886100 x403
Photo of Mohini Harilall
Mohini Harilall
Membership Services Assistant
Photo of Chris Rockholt
Chris Rockholt
Membership Development Specialist
Photo of Kathleen Rohrer
Kathleen Rohrer
Membership Manager
5164886100 x396
Photo of Brenda Van Nest
Brenda L. Van Nest
Director, Membership Development

Office of Continuing Medical Education

Photo of Miriam Hardin
Miriam Hardin
Manager - Continuing Education

Physician Payment and Practice

Photo of Heather Lopez
Heather K. Lopez
Vice President of Physician Payment & Practice

Other Staff